Friday, May 29, 2009

Share your videos with your friends SEETOO.COM

Everything is getting pretty easy and this is one step into the easiness over sharing the data.

What if you want to share a movie with your friends miles away from where you are located...or possibly the next room or may be next street? You write it over a CD or a flash drive and give it to him which he copies and starts watching....but that is pretty impossible when you are miles away from your friend. And sometimes it really becomes difficult for you to upload it somewhere and then your friend needs to download it and I would consider it painful to do this stuff for just small thing like a video.

So what is the solution to this problem? Well here it is

And what does seetoo do? Well it says I am seeing this video, you SEE TOO. So it is a service where you share your video to a bunch of friends or many friends over the internet and you can watch it all together.

Well what if you suggest one of your friend a movie and he/she doesn't have a copy of the DVD or doesn't have it downloaded and you know it is painful to wait for the movie to be downloaded. So what you do is talk to him and tell him "Hey I have the movie and I will broadcast it for you.

It is so easy.

1. Go to
2. No login - Best part
3. Select the video you want to share.
4. Start the video.
5. Send an invitation to your friends who want to watch the video.

That's it...!!!! Isn't that too simple? I bet your answer will be yes. Don't believe it. I believe you should give it a try.

let me know if you like it....!!! Enjoy...

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Ben said...

Hi Ronak,
My name is Lior and I am the community manager here at SeeToo. Your writeup about us was absolutely great and we shared it around the office.
I would be happy to chat on email to get some ideas from you on how we can improve SeeToo for you ( and others). It would be great if you can ping me.