Friday, August 21, 2009

Python Interview questions

List of questions on the interview....

1. What is list comprehension?
2. what is better += or .join()?
3. Do you know what is ISAPI filters?
4. How do you do unit testing?
5. What are you good with? Object oriented or subject oriented?
6. What is your favorite programming language? C++ or Python or anything else?
7. What is your favorite design pattern?
8. Explain singleton design pattern.
9. What version of Python do you use? 2.4/2.6/3.0?
10.Have you used any of the python frameworks? Django?
11. Are you are back end developer or a front end too?
12. When and why did you use Inno setup?
13. Explain difference between public, private and protected in C++
14. How many million pois we have in our db?
15. What is the percentage of C++ coding v/s Python coding in the last two years..?
16. Do you use Navteq maps for the map data?